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My Why

My Why

The moment I was inspired to consciously start this journey, was one evening when my babies left to spend the night at their dad's house for the first time since we moved out. I had to share my babies?! 50/50, which felt mortifying to me. Before the divorce, I had quit my job and was in the early stages of starting my own business to have more flexibility and time for my kids; the irony. The co-parenting relationship was suboptimal to put it gently, we were eligible for public assistance, and the familiar feelings of anger, resentment, and hopelessness streamed down my cheeks as I slumped onto the kitchen floor with my engorged breasts.

You see, my backstory was of unfulfilling and unsuccessful relationships. This included a history of feeling frustrated in relationships, consistent misunderstandings and feeling misunderstood, men not wanting to commit, me not wanting to commit to the ones who did, confusion, and heartbreak.

Finally, in the kitchen that day, a graceful wave of clarity washed over me; my kids deserve a better version of me! I didn’t realize it at the time but I deserved a better version of myself! The world deserved a better version of me!

I picked myself up off the kitchen floor that day and life hasn’t been the same since.

The concepts of love and relationships have always lit my fire. Dating and relationships, the good, the bad, and the ugly were always the topics of conversation with friends and family. Every happy couple I saw, I would ask them to tell me their story. I still do. I loved love. And I still do.

I wondered if, maybe, those love stories, that I have collected since I was a kid, could be for me as well. And-spoiler alert-they are if we decide they are.

I took a deep dive into mindset, beliefs, and behavior patterns. I devoured anything that could increase my understanding of myself, women, men, and relationships. I collected data on my trials and errors in dating and relationships. I documented what I have learned along the way to my sense of enoughness. (Although this part sounds very cerebral, there was A LOT of heart and feels involved and continue to be a focus of this work.)

From this research, I developed a process that changed the dynamics of my relationships, especially with men. This journey has changed relationships that I never thought in a million years would change.

The relationship with the father of my children was the first radical transformation I witnessed. Now, we take the kids skiing together on weekends. My dating world transformed into something I have never experienced before. An abundance of beautiful people and connections flowed and continue to flow into my world. Dating is no longer confusing and hopeless but feels clear, fun, and easy. I feel confident navigating relationships because I have the tried and tested tools and foundation.

I feel it would be glorious for every woman to feel this and to know and trust she can’t get it wrong.

It is my vision is to bring women through a beautiful process to manifest the relationship of their dreams and navigating their relationships with confidence, knowing and being the divine goddesses that they are.

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